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Term 2 Programmes are at Maximum Capacity
If you missed out, our reserve list is always open - contact us below

Term 3 Schedule

Ages 6-14
Starts week beginning Oct 14th

Ends week beginning Dec 16th
Runs for 10 weeks


7-8:15am - Progressive Ability Surf Group
7:15-8:30am - Omanu Primary Beginner and Intermediate Ability Group
3:45-5pm - Arataki Junior Boardriders Kotiro Group

7-8:15am - Girls Progressive Ability Surf Group
7:30-8:30am - Intermediate Ability Skate Group
3:30-4:30pm - Green Wave Groups (both boys and girls)

4:45-5:45pm - Green Wave PLUS Group (mixed)

7-8:15am - Mixed Progressive Surf Group
7:15-8:30am - Girls Beginner and Intermediate Ability Surf Group

3:45-5pm - Arataki Junior Boardriders Mixed Group

7-8:15am - Progressive Surf Group
7:30-8:30am - Progressive Skate Club
3:30-4:30pm - Whitewater Groups 
(both boys and girls)
4:45-5:45pm - Whitewater PLUS Groups (mixed)

7-8:15am Mixed Progressive Surf Group
7:15-8:30am Mt Primary Beginner and Intermediate
Ability Group

*Additional sessions may be added

Starting at $300 per child for the series

Improve your skills & meet new surfers just like you this school term!

What to expect:
- Highly experienced, Level 1 and 2 ISA, male and female coaches.
- Qualified Primary school teachers, Coaches and Educators who know how to communicate and relate to children. Assisted by young adults who have the qualifications and skillset required to coach.
- See a real improvement in their surfing ability and overall water confidence
- Safety conscious, well organised and structured sessions
- Land based games and skill specific drills
- Detailed breakdown of technique and manoeuvres
- Make new friends by the beach
- Grow in confidence both in and out of the water
- Water safety awareness

What to bring:
- Wetsuit that is suitable for the conditions.

- Surfboard (This can be provided, however you must ask as we will allocate a board - an additional cost applies)

- Sunscreen if needed

- Suitable clothes to change into afterwards as weather can vary

- High energy & a positive attitude

Grom Club


1 hour session

Customer favourite

This session is designed for those children that are looking to join our group programmes and haven't been with us before. These sessions give our coaches and the child a chance to build an understanding of their current surfing ability and what group would be best suited for them. In turn, the child leaves with the basic knowledge required for the relative programme and has had a chance to meet our coaches often resulting in a greater level of self confidence.

Introduction to surf coaching and analysis.

  • Equipment run through

  • Theory on the beach and in the surf

  • Preparation prior to surfing

  • Evaluation of the current surf conditions

  • Immediate feedback

  • Post surf self assessment and advice

Surf Analysis Session


2 to 4 participants
1 hour session

Why not have a coaching session with a partner, friend or parent to help calm those nerves?

Designed to give you and your group an introduction to surf coaching and analysis.

  • Equipment assessment

  • Activity preparation

  • Location evaluation

  • Visual and Video/Photo analysis

  • Feedback

  • Footage and Resources to take away.

Group Surf Analysis Session


4 sessions of 1-to-1 coaching

4 x 2 hour sessions

Frustrated with your surfing? Has your development plateaued? Possibly lost your mojo?

This is the package for you! This bundle of sessions was created for those that wish to see a great progression in their surfing ability and are commited to furthering their understanding of the sport of surfing.

In total this bundle is valued at $600.

Save yourself $60 (10% off) by combining these four 1-to-1 sessions.


Whats included:

Equipment assessment at the start of the course
Detailed surf coaching and analysis throughout
Personalised preparation before every surf
Location evaluation for each session
Video/Photo analysis post each surf session
Feedback tailored to you
Footage and Resources to take away


*Sessions can be arranged for separate dates with weather and surf conditions depending, allowing you to get the most from your time at Average Joe's. 



(1 hour session)
A land based surf skate session
Customer favourite

Gain confidence and understanding through fundamental movements that are required when skating. Through simple exercises, skill based drills, video analysis and tailored tips you will see a rapid progression in your skating ability.

Surf Skate Analysis Session


2 to 4 participants
(1 hour session)
A land based surf skate session

Why not have a coaching session with a partner, friend or parent to help calm those nerves? Designed to give you and your fellow students an introduction to surf skate coaching and analysis.

Group Surf Skate Analysis Session


Four flexible surf skate sessions
4 x 1 hour of skate coaching time

Struggling to see any progress within your skating? Failing to complete manouvers when riding your surfskate? Lack of control and unsuccessfully generating speed when riding a pump track?

If you said yes to any of the questions above, you would benefit from land based training in an environment that is easy to practice repetition. Once you get the fundamental movements dialled, you will see a great development in your style and success rate when out skating on your own.

This bundle would usually cost $340
Saving $34 (10% off) when booking four 1-to-1 sessions.


Through simple exercises, video analysis and tailored tips you will see a rapid progression in your skating ability that in turn will advance your surfing ability.

The Crash Course


Want to hear more about how we can transform your surfing? Feel free to contact me today and let's discuss the options available.

Mt Maunganui, New Zealand


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