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Get to Know Me

  • Level 2 ISA Surf Instructor

  • 8 years of coaching experience

  • Community Surf Instructors Lifesaving Award

  • First Aid Qualified

  • Primary School Teacher 4+ years

  • Surfing NZ accredited Surf School

Certified since 2013, I’ve been successfully coaching clients throughout South Wales and North Devon in the UK and recently in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.

I began surfing when I was 9 years old whilst on family holidays visiting my grandparents in West Wales. The small seaside villages, a wave-rich coastline and home to surf shops that seemed etched in British Surfing History had a lasting impact on me growing up. Once I was able to get a driving licence it seemed all my friends and I could think about was finding new spots when swell was forecast.

Sixth Form, University and my full time job as Primary School Teacher were all juggled around making surf sessions as accessible as possible. Weekends and over seas holidays were everything, these trips would sometimes take months of planning. Researching the best spots, reading up on swell forecasts and reaching out to fellow surfers who had explored these destinations was a process I sought after.

The love of chasing waves, immersing myself into the communities nearby and sharing moments with locals and fellow travellers has taken me to surf breaks around the world. These memories have helped shape the business we are proud to operate today.

We are fully aware the rate of progression can often be a slow and frustrating one. Let us help you by passing on what we've learnt over the countless hours spent in and around the ocean.

If you are feeling frustrated with your current level of surfing and interested in seeing some immediate progression, our services aim to highlight and analyse your surfing ability and help you get the most from your time in the ocean. We teach simple techniques that will better your understanding, fundamental movements and the physical demands of surfing.

Here at Average Joe's our aim is to provide you, as the customer, with a safe and encouraging environment that supports your needs. With a passion for learning and coaching and the experience to back it up, a 1-to-1 or group coaching experience could be for you.



Want to hear more about how we can transform your surfing? Feel free to contact me today and let's discuss the options available.

Mt Maunganui, New Zealand


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